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Anxiety-Panic attacks- treatment cognitive behavioral therapy, psychiatric medication, exercise, problem solving, and life changes for feeling of gloom, hopelessness, and overwhelming anxiety.

Obsessing-OCD- skills training, recognizing obsessive thinking, cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation training, exercise, behavioral therapy.

>Marital Counseling
Marital Counseling-A pro marriage approach with emphasis on coping skills, evaluating for underlying issues such as alcoholism, Bipolar, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc.. Treatment cognitive therapy, individual therapy and couples.

>Chronic Worry
Chronic Worry- obsessive thoughts, getting stuck in the brain, brain holding inaccurate, incomplete thoughts, automatic thoughts. The client is taught how to combat these thoughts through cognitive behavioral techniques and other eclectic modalities. Medication may be described.

Depression- treatment cognitive behavioral therapy, psychiatric coping skills, individual and family counseling, group therapy, partial hospital, psychiatric hospitalization, grief counseling.

Addiction-Drug and Alcohol counseling- individual coaching, education, group therapy, A.A., intervention, diagnosing for dual diagnosis, forensic counseling, DUI, treatment, anger management, N.A., Alanon.

ADHD- often over and under diagnosed. For example 89% of Bipolar kids will be diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. A strong family history taken to rule out Lymes, Bipolar, Aspergers, P.T.S.D., etc... Treatment cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, psychiatric evaluation and medication, diet changes, exercise and changes in parenting.

>Anger Management
Anger Management- Group and individual counseling for adolescents and adults for criminal and non criminal issues. Mental health evaluations for forensic cases are done if needed. We also evaluate for dual diagnosis such as bipolar and drug addiction, etc...

DUI- Treatment State approved .We offer court appointed treatment for DUI, drug and alcohol crimes, anger management. Group and individual sessions and evaluations for court. Approved for Delaware, Chester and Montgomery counties.

>Personality Disorders
These behavioral patterns in personality disorders are typically associated with severe disturbances in the behavioral tendencies of an individual, usually involving several areas of the personality, and are nearly always associated with considerable personal and social disruption.